Dragon Is Coming Home

The Slovak National Uprising Theatre (now The Slovak Chamber Theatre) Martin, 1996
Author: Dobroslav Chrobák
Directed by Marián Pecko

about the production

A short story by Dobroslav Chrobák (1907 – 1951) Dragon Is Coming Home, written in 1943, is one of the most significant and controversial works ranked among lyric prose, i.e., magical realism. Its stage adaptation follows the intentions of Pecko's poetry of total theatre (Fool’s Notes, You Move Me So Much – Divadelná Nitra'93) with dominant visual art, musical and choreographic components. Chrobák's short story, about the biased, prejudiced relationship of a society (village) towards an individual (the Dragon), is, for all intents and purposes, a way of showing a non-traditional interpretation of what today is already a classic work which, nevertheless saves the poetry of the author´s magic language.


directed by Marián Pecko
dramatisation: Ivana Škripková
script editing and music: Róbert Mankovecký
stage set: Jaroslav Valek
costumes and masks: Radka Janáková
guest choreography: Elena Lindtnerová – Krošláková
characters and cast: Dragon: Ivan Giač, Šimon: Ján Kožuch, Eva: Jana Oľhová, Lepiš: Štefan Mišovic, Villagers: Eva Gašparová, Andrej Hmčiar, Martin Hronský, Jana Kantorová, Braňo Matuščin, Renáta Rundová, Andrej Štermenský, Nela Valentová, Zoška: Ľuba Krkošková


Marián Pecko, born in 1958, acquired a permanent engagement in The Puppet Theatre at the Crossroads. Significant directing includes: You Move Me So Much (Theatre at the Crossroads Banská Bystrica), Fool’s Notes (The Slovak National Uprising Theatre Martin), Opowiesz Wigilijna (Warsaw), Cyrano (Bialystok).