Dreams, Wings, and Hurricane, the Dog

Theatre Association, Partizánske, 1993
Author: Jozef Krasula, Ivan Hanzlík
Director: Jozef Krasula, Ivan Hanzlík

about the production

About Dreams, Wings, and Hurricane, the Dog is the fifth drama production of the Theatre Association. It was preceded by such plays as My Brother (Shukshin – Shulay), The Players (Gogol), Frikando, Frikando… dramatization of Iľf-Petrof s novel The Golden Calf), and Old Sailors (again, theatre's dramatization of novelette of identical name by J. Amado). These productions have been performed on tens of occasions on domestic stages as well as in Japan, former Yugoslavia, Germany, Switzerland, and Mexico.

An eagerness to keep seeking for interesting and topical themes and try harder despite the interest and contentment of the audience have brought us to the inspiration by Dušan Dušek's stories. The world of Dušek's stories has long been enchanting me just like Jvan Hanzlík (a member of the Crow Sapiens Theatre, Bratislava). This enchantment has outgrown into a desire for doing theatre in which this chaste and fragile world would be present. Thus, we have jointly written a text which seems to have enabled to bring the spirit of Dušek's stories on the stage.

In a little village in the backwoods of Slovakia there live Vilo Bee and Edo Key. Edo is a country Edison, romanticist, continuously working on new inventions. He lives by himself in his house amidst his inventions. Vilo is Edo's buddy. He admires him. Since he was twelve, Vilo has been in love with Theresa. But she moved out long ago. Edo, too, has his secret love, Eveline working with a shooting-gallery. She, too, heads far the next destination after the fair is over. There they are dreaming, Vilo and Edo, and life goes on... That´s what the play is all about.

Jozef  Krasula


directors: Jozef Krasula & Ivan Hanzlík
cast: Karol Gašparík, Ľubomír Vančo, Beáta Krajčová, Tatiana Marková, Albert Bálint, Ondrej Böhm, Silvia Homolová, Štefan Janco, Dagmar Krasulová, Ján Podoba, Peter Smatana, Anton Staňák