The Cry of the Chameleon

Anomalie Compagnie, Châlons-sur-Marne, France, 1998
Author: Josef Nadj and co.
Directed by Josef Nadj

about the production

The Cry of the Chameleon is the search for a superman archetype – Icarus, Hercules… A man in front of us acts out this strange adventure where he struggles to overcome his own dreams, hallucinations, recollections... Circus.

Josef Nadj, enchanted by the bizarre and absurd world of Alfred Jarry creates the poetry which harmonizes with Jarry revealing circus, dance, musical techniques; he creates the space for unexpected physical performances. It is an attempt to find out where the borderline between dance and circus is, it is the combination of Nadj's theatricality and professional acrobatics of young men; it is virtuosity, acrobatics, grotesque, along with the desire to fly…



choreographed and directed by Josef Nadj
stage design: Goury
properties: Jacqueline Bosson
costume design: Sandrine Pelletier
set fabrication: Michel Tardif
tape music: Stevan Kovac Tickmayer
stage music: Anomalie
light design: Rémi Nicolas
Etienne Arlettaz, Mathurin Bolze, Christian BonneIle, Arnaud Clavet, Vincent Gomez, Laurent Letourneur, Michaël Mercadie, Jambenoix Mollet, Laurent Pareti, Thomas Van Uden, Martin Zimmermann


Josef Nadj born in Voyvodina (former Yugoslavia) finished the School of Arts and University in Budapest, where at the same time attended the drama classes and trained martial arts. After his arrival in Paris he discovered dance and started very quickly to cooperate with such choreographers as Mark Tomkins, Catherine Diverres or Francois Verret. Since 1987 he has annually presented the productions which at the very beginning aroused the question about the limits of dance and theatre. Since 1988 he has co­ operated with the city of Orléans and Carré Saint Vincent – at the National Scene, where he has worked since 1990 as a choreographer. Since 1995 he has been the director of the National Choreography Centre in Orléans.