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We have archived material and documents on the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra from its very beginnings in 1992 until the present day for you to access. This website is one of the outputs of the Open Archives of Divadelná Nitra (research → reflection → research) projectIt is the result of years-long work in collecting and systematizing documents concerning the activities of Association Divadelná Nitra and offers diverse and often singular material that cannot be found anywhere else in Slovakia. We hope it will become a valuable resource of information for high school and university students and teachers in the field of scenic arts and other humanities, an important asset for the work of theatre critics and historians in research and artistic reflection, and a unique inspiration for theatre-makers.

The archive collects more than 6 thousand items of documentary material about 398 productions featured in the festival’s main programme – listings, photographs, video recordings and scripts, publications, catalogues... Many had to be digitalized in order to be made accessible. Most of the materials can be accessed online through this website, while others (video recordings, scripts and photographs in print quality) are only available for study purposes upon request due to copyrights.  Availability is indicated with each such recording or script.

The website features various search criteria and a full-text search engine. Texts on productions and guest directors are available in the form they were published in given festival catalogues, which is why much of the information may not be up-to-date and should be studied with a view to the festival year when the production was programmed (indicated after the file name).

Given the sheer volume of processed material, the DNArchives website is continuously under construction. For example, video recordings are only available so far for the years 2013 – 2020, an English version of the website is in the final stages of completion, and over time additional information on selected events in the festival’s accompanying, learning and working programme, as well as on the Association’s other projects, will be published (for more information, see ‘About the Project’).

We hope the DNArchives website will provide you with all you are looking for. In case you were not successful or satisfied, do not hesitate to contact us at Please note that viewing video recordings and reading production scripts is only permitted for study or research purposes and exclusively in the premises of Association Divadelná Nitra upon arrangement.

Welcome to our archives, they are open for you!