The Secret of the Ocean

SpozaVoza Theatre, Slovakia, 2020
author: Patrícia Sopkovičová
directed by Miro Mihálek

about the production

A puppet play about a little whale’s big journey home, based on the book The Whale, the Sea and the Stars by author and illustrator Adrián Macho. Little Gerda is the happiest whale in the whole sea. Once something unexpected happens Gerda is left all alone. She sets off on a long journey across the ocean, meeting many new friends on her way: orcas, penguins, seagulls and octopuses. They tell her much about their lives and about the ocean they all share. Will little Gerda find a new home? The play’s mysterious marine atmosphere is complemented by all kinds of musical instruments. The performance is about more than just Gerda and her friends, offering a strong environmental and ecological message.



directed: Miro Mihálek, Patrícia Sopkovičová
music: Miro Mihálek, Patrícia Sopkovičová
set and costume design, puppets: Miriam Horňáková



The production The Secret of the Ocean replaced in the program of the Divadelná Nitra 2020 International Festival originally planned production of Ikarus, canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.