The Brothers Karamazov

Jókai Theatre, Komárno, 2007
Author: Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky
Directed by Martin Huba

about the production

The Jókai Theatre has a specific place in Slovak theatrical context. From 1990, except for its basic mission to play for the members of the Hungarian minority in its mother tongue, it has been trying to create its own theatrical language based on the synthesis of the values of Slovak and Hungarian theatrical art. In this tendency to find its own style, own theatrical expression, the big role plays a co-operation with Slovak artists. A few years ago Martin Huba successfully directed here the play by György Spiró Impostor, later he staged a dramatization of Dostoyevsky’s novel of The Brothers Karamazov.

The last season was extremely successful for the Jókai Theatre and proved the rightness of the artistic tendency of the new management of the theatre. The production of The Lieutenant from Inishmore by Martin McDonagh, directed by Andor Lukács, was awarded the main prize at the Festival of Hungarian Theatres Outside Hungary in Kisvárd, the production of The Brothers Karamazov became one of the most significant theatre events of the last season in Slovakia.

By his own adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s novel Martin Huba created an intense theatrical text based on a few crucial dramatic moments of the original. The productions asks the eternal questions about crime, guilt and responsibility in an emotive way, and that is because of the text but mostly because of brilliant acting: „Good old realism“  shows here its constant validity when the classical text, adapted in a traditional theatrical form, becomes “modern” drama that speaks currently and addresses the spectator both emotionally and intellectually.
Géza Hizsnyan



adaptation and directed by Martin Huba
stage design: Jozef Ciller
costumes: Milan Čorba
choreography: Juraj Letenay
dramaturgist: Emese Dömötör Varga
asisstant of director: Gábor Molnár a Nóra Mesinger
characters and cast:
Fiodor Pavlovich Karamazov: József Ropog, Dimitri – Tibor Tóth, Ivan: Attila Mokos,  Alosha: István Olasz, Smerdyakov: László Szabolcs Hajdú, Grushenka: Katalin Holocsy, Katerina: Anita Szvrcsek, Lisa: Krisztina Tóth, Innkeeper: István Németh,  Judge: László Horányi, Pole: Tamás Bernáth, Perkhotin: Szabolcs Tyukodi


Martin Huba (1943) after graduating acting in 1964 became a member of the State Theatre in Košice. Since 1967 he has worked in Bratislava. He started at the Theatre of Poetry, in 1968 – 1971 he worked at the legendary Korzo Theatre which he had to leave after its banning and went to the Nová Scéna Theatre. He became the member of the Drama Ensemble of the Slovak National Theatre (SND) in 1976 and stayed with it for more than twenty years. From 1999 he has not had any permanent engagement and he is a guest actor on various stages in Slovakia and Czech Republic. The most significant directions: From the Life of the Earthworms by Enquist, A. P. Chekhov: Three Sisters, W. Shakespeare: King Lear (Summer Shakespeare Celebrations in Prague), Juraj Beneš: The Players and awarded The Cherry Orchard and The Ball-room.
He is a film actor and he also teaches at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts. His awards: The Alfréd Radok Foundation Award, The Thália Award, The Krištálové krídlo Award, The Dosky Award, The Český lev Award.

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