Blood Wedding

Slovenian Repertory Theatre, Triest, Italy,2002
Author: Federico García Lorca
Directed by Damir Zlatar Frey

about the production

After Crime on Goat Island by Ugo Betti and the dramatization of the short story Filio Is Not at Home by Berta Bojetu, Blood Wedding by Lorca is Frey’s third project inspired by geographical and deeper spiritual aspects of the Mediterranean, revealing the author’s own "Mediterranean" spirit. The extremely vigorous story of Lorca’s drama reaches even greater intensity in Frey’s adaptation. A thorough analysis of the text led even to a wordless production, based only on "dramatic choreography", which, however, remains true to Lorca’s story, reflecting the unique Mediterranean atmosphere of his poetry. The performance is also inspired by the poet’s life, in particular by the period of his creative friendship with Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel.

The role of Mother is played by guest actress Štefka Drolc, a Slovenian stage star; the part of Leonardo is played by another guest, Croatian actor Livio Badulina. Remaining roles are played by the actors of the Slovenian Repertory Theatre. The author of music to the production, Croatian DJ Hrvoje Crnić-Boxer, deserves special appreciation.

The Bulletin on the Production

Movement on the stage is ardent and intense, enthralling the audience’s soul. With the controlled use of mime – which demanded much toil and sweat – and by forced gestures, actors managed to translate the tragedy into life perfectly.

Iva Koršič, Novi Glas

By Blood Wedding the Slovenian Theatre in Trieste made a bold and resolute move towards the Italian stage.

Majda Suša, Primorske Novice



directed by Damir Zlatar Frey
dramaturgy: Gašper Malej
music: Hrvoje Crnić Boxer
costumes: Igor Pahor
lighting: Olivije Marečić
characters and cast:
Mother: Štefka Drolc, Bride: Barbara Cerar, Mother-in-law: Miranda Caharija, Leonardo’s wife: Lučka Počkaj, Maid: Vesna Pernarčič/Jana Radovič, Neighbour: Lidija Kozlovič, Leonardo: Livio Badurina, Bridegroom: Vojko Belšak, Father: Vladimir Jurc, Brother: Gregor Geč, Crying: Aleš Kolar, The Moon/Death: Maja Blagovič, Belial: Janko Petrovec, Samael: Danijel Malalan, Wedding guests: Ivana Ban, Barbara Baša, Daša Grgič, Miha Ravbar


Damir Zlatar Frey (1954)

Damir Zlatar Frey is a Croatian director, choreographer and dramaturge, the holder of the theatre awards Prešeren and Borštnik, and the founder and art manager of the Golden Lion Festival in Umag.

Blood Wedding is his first guest production in the Slovenian Theatre in Trieste, the most prominent cultural institution of the Slovenian ethnic minority in Italy. This playhouse with an almost centenarian tradition (was established in 1907) is after Drama SNG in Ljubljana the second oldest Slovenian theatre. Owing to its cultural weight and artistic quality, the Theatre was granted the "repertory theatre" status in 1977, which placed it among few Italian theatres with the permanent seat and public administration. Its repertory’s main emphasis lies in the role of a bridge be- tween two art worlds – Slavonic and Latin.