The Norwegian Theatre, Oslo, Norway, 2002
Author: Yngve Sundvor
Directed by Yngve Sundvor

about the production

It is possible to die not only of hunger but also of an excess of food. I am not speaking only of physical, but also of spiritual death accompanying overnourishment. This illness is naturally closely associated with materialism, consumer society. Every human being needs something worth living, and that could possibly be some other thing than a new car. I am speaking about the necessity to share ideas. I am simply speaking about humanism. (...) How to convince children that they must eat up all they have on their plates, when their father drunk on expensive Cognac has vomited up opulent Christmas dinner? Am I moralizing? No, I am not. I just want to point out that the money squandered in this way should be donated to charity. (...) Our consumer society is ill-disposed towards thought and reflection. We need art not only to amuse us, but also to reflect for us.

Yngve Sundvor, director

And it works! Images – perfect images of our wealth in the form food, food and food again. Love is reduced here to masturbation included in the process of eating – it is enough for turning our stomachs. It is not food that would please everyone. The performance is a straight attack on our closed, satisfied Norway. It is what good satire should be: not only a forefinger lifted for warning, but literally a slap in the face.

Andreas Wiese, Dagbladet, 16 January 2002

Stuffed is an original, provocative play, in which actors perform a brilliant piece of work. Over 90 minutes they transform from ordinary, jovial and kind people into fat and disgusting monsters. The change is initially apparent on their faces, which slowly but persistently lose all signs of life and intelligence and become dead, stiff masks.

Ida Lou Larsen, Nationen, 17 January 2001



directed by Yngve Sundvor
music: Håvard Lund
set: Mia Runningen
cast: Marianne Krogh, Gard B. Eidsvold, Reidar Sørensen, Øyvin Berven, Ingrid Jørgensen


Yngve Sundvor (1968) 

Graduated from the Moscow GITIS. So far he has staged about twenty theatrical productions in Norway as well as abroad, for instance in Kaunas, Lithuania, and Montpellier, France. His productions are regularly presented within prestigious international festivals (his debut Stone Guest has already aroused interest at the Baltoscandale in Estonia). He is twice the holder of the Norwegian award "Hedda" and the prestigious Prize of Critics.

His stage adaptation of Hamsun’s Hunger, put on in Sweden and Great Britain, met with the greatest response. Sundvor prepared the play with the Norwegian national theatre (Det Norske Teatret), which has now come to Nitra with his production of Stuffed (Mett in Norwegian) the theatrical inspiration by the famous film La Grand Bouffe.

Sundvor’s productions with minimum scenic effects reveal the relationship to physical theatre focused on the work of the actor’s body. Recently, as can be seen in Stuffed, the director increasingly concentrates on theatre which, rather than an aesthetic event, is the arena of political ideas.


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