The British Council, Contemporary Theatre Association, Metamorphosis Association, The State Theatre – Drama Ensemble, Košice, 2002
Author: Patrick Marber
Directed by Jan-Willem van den Bosch

about the production

Inviting a director with the experience in British theatre was a very lucky choice for the first presentation of this play in Slovakia. He brought with him not only the knowledge of realities, but above all relying on a non-theatrical type of acting, which was the only way of how to make this play into a comic tragedy to the core.

(...) The authenticity of the actors’ expression now and then appeared to be at the expense of the intelligibility of speech, but that is more tolerable than theatrical movements and routine. Since, given how it was performed in Košice, it appears that Marber left as many virtual dead ones on the stage as immortal Shakespeare had left. And when they say at the end: "Bye and take care!", they are closer than infinitely distanced from each other.

Zuzana Uličianska, SME, 31 May 2002

Marber, however, offers not only an excellent story, but also a language, which is poetically brusque, vulgarisms are comic as well as sad, but never forced and sardonic. Marber’s sentences sound extremely natural, his situations astonishingly functions, and the story thrives on each rejoinder. Therefore, Closer is an excellent opportunity for actors.

Romana Maliti, Domino fórum, 28/2002

Against the background of notably simple but meaningful scenery by Vladimír Čáp, Jan- Willem van den Bosch created a world of four investigators examining their own sexual practices...

Tibor Ferko, Literárny týždenník, 23/2002

The story of a relationship quadrangle, accompanied by diverse responses of the audience and critics, was played out by Dana Košická, Alena Ďuránová, Matej Landl and Marek Majeský as a full-blooded, subtly provocative, but basically sincere, truthful drama of our contemporary, roaming around an emotional desert.

Oleg Dlouhý, Pravda, 22 June 2002



directed by Jan-Willem van den Bosch
translation: Pavol Jánsky
assistant director/interpreter: David Úradník
dramaturgy: Martina Vannayová
costumes: Alena Agricolová
set: Vladimír Čáp
choreography: Dušan Huraj
music editor: Jan-Willem van den Bosch
characters and cast:
Alica: Alena Ďuránová, Anna: Dana Košická, Dan: Vladimír Kramár or Marek Majeský, Larry: Matej Landl


Jan-Willem van den Bosch (1969)

studied drama and the German language at QMW College/Central School for Speech and Drama in London. As an assistant director, he co-operated with a large number of world-famous directors (Carlos Medina, Heiner Müller, Marc von Henning, Kathryn Hunter, Marcello Magni). As a director, he staged productions in the Harold Pinter Studio, Volcano, the Emery Theatre. He translated some plays by Bernhard and Brecht from German into English. He lectures in German Drama at London University. A selection of productions: Schnitzler – A Carousel, F. Wedekind – Lulu (Harold Pinter Studio), Jean Genêt – Maids (Site specific) and others. The production Closer is nominated for DOSKY 2002 in six categories.