David Parker & the Bang Group, New York, USA, 2001
Author: David Parker

about the production

David Parker believes that serious comic dance is not an oxymoron. Parker continues the lineage of the great American dance innovators, never failing to make imaginative and deeply entertaining work.

Theodore Bale, The Boston Globe, 31/12/2000

Wordlessly, Parker and his partners, Jeffrey A. Kazin, Kathryn Tufano and Sara Hook, created a sweeping and scintillating discourse among themselves and with the audience. They communicated with syncopated rhythm, offbeat timing and extended, jazz like riffs of movement. Their subtly suggestive facial expressions, jarring against their often ludicrous costumes, gave us a delightful evening watching master performers.

Merilyn Jackson, The Philadelphia lnquirer, 20/5/1999

David Parker & The Bang Group from the United States present delicious comical dance theatre and home-hitting characterizations of relationships, which are not exactly all roses. Having acting talent is a must in this dance form. The slightly built Jeffrey Kazin is especially outstanding in his puppet-like dance.

Maja Landeweer, Haagse Courant, 29/11/1999

Perhaps of historical importance on the stages of modem dance is how we see that jumble of irony and intense tenderness. There bursts from the stage a powerful sensuality.

Giorgo De Martino, II Secolo XIX, 11/3/2000

Although beard rhythms are a Parker trademark, he's an all-around musical choreographer marrying the comic with the poignant, the light touch with the dark.

Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice, 5/10/1999



Choreography: David Parker
Dance: David Parker, Jeffrey Kazin, Kathryn Tufano


David Parker (1959) 

The celebrated former tap dancer David Parker is surely one of the cleverest of New York choreographers. He ventures a bizarre game with sexual roles and stereotypes, punctuated by percussion. Parker satirizes the embarrassing with dry humour and subtle ease, revealing strange existences and personifying weaknesses and absurdities in human relationships. "Parker is a choreographer who is not afraid to entertain. His work fairly bubbles over witb playful, childlike enthusiasm that cannot help but seduce even the most jaded dance fan. Yet at the same time it is serious stuff, filled with all the dance literacy tap, ballet, Keith Kerry and the "inner meaning".