Knives in Hens

Slovak National Theatre – Drama, Bratislava, Slovakia 2001
Author: David Harrower
Directed by Silvester Lavrík

about the production

Knives in Hens has appealed to me by their natural straightforwardness.
This straightforwardness is the result of a rare functioning model of b relations between people and the environment which forms them, wh1 they repay by their full participation in life.

This dramatic text needs an approach to staging which will not striving at artificial stylisation. It requires to find a form which will become its natural environment, the environment which will bring ah the text abstracted from the Anglo-Saxon cultural area, claiming agrarian and rustic echoes in a most elegant and conscientious way, the stage of a Slovak city down whose back breathes the country, interlinked from village to village by thousand-year-old furrows countryside which remembers the mills as white lighthouses heralding its vitality.

Silvester Lavrík, director of the production

The woman keeps looking for the sense of words and things, this does not concern her husband inherently and the miller can tell.  Against background of this life principle the conflict in the drama as well as the love triangle are built. Lavrík managed to bring to the stage the strange mugginess of this conflict. He looked for the human dimension in the three characters and he did not make stylisations. He is familiar with the village issues, and his Knives in Hens have not avoided a rustic Slovak air.

Vladislava Fekete, Kultúrny život, 151200

 The play Knives in Hens looks into human relations, the foci of human attraction and repulsion, the links between emotional attraction and the impact of intellect and even more so the medium of the transfer: the language which is the subject of the play itself... We think that this production will be a pleasant surprise for the viewers.

Eva Muchová, Večerník, 21131200

People with their simple needs influencing the landscape, the landscape and its ability to change people, addressing the primary human relationships, poetic language in contrast to the material character of the environment, all these are attributes of the excellent text by Harrower, which again brings the most contemporary international work on the Slovak National Theatre drama stage.

Jana Krátka, Národná obroda, 23131200


directed by: Silvester Lavrík
translation: Ján Šimko, Silvester Lavrík
dramaturgy: Karol Horváth
stage design: Aleš Votava
costume design: Marija Havran
selection of music: Silvester Lavrík, Karol Horváth
characters and cast:
Ploughman: Ján Kroner, Milier: Richard Stanke,  Young Woman: Monika Hilmerová


Silvester Lavrík (1964) 

He graduated from The Faculty of Education in Prešov and in Theatre Directing at AMDA in Bratislava. He is the artistic director and director in the Zlín Municipal Theatre. He is the holder of Alfréd Radok Prize for plays Katarína and The Last Day of Summer. As author and director has been co-operating with professional and amateur theatres in Slovak. (in Martin, Banská Bystrica, Dolný Kubín, etc.). A selection of the plays he has directed: Elisabeth Báthory (SNP Theatr Martin), The Worlds Beyond the Village (Tmava Theatre), Sindbad (Puppet Theatre at the Crossroads, Banská Bystrica.