English is easy, Csaba is dead

GUnaGU, Bratislava, 2001
Authors: Karol Vosátko, Viliam Klimáček and co.
Directed by Karol Vosátko

about the production

Theatre ď auteur, which has not been distorted by petrified staging conventions and the national theatre academism, is in a constant free fall of experimenting with the content and the form. The latest production by the GUnaGU Theatre English Is Easy, Csaba Is Dead  is a textbook example of using a new staging method of spontaneous speech (abbreviation "SS"). It is a new staging method where the actors do not conduct dialogues based on exactly memorised literary text, but they strive for spontaneous acting expression (within the brief of the given character, mutual relations and situations that make up the story of the play).

Karol Vosátko, author and director of the production

 The fact that English is easy and Csaba is dead refers to two signs of the "spirit of the times": we have got used to English in the same way as to news about Mafia activity. By selecting this topic, GUnaGU Theatre has built on its previous statements about the time and the contemporary people, which also applied caricature and exaggeration.

Dagmar Kročanová – Roberts, Javisko, 1/2001

Klimáček and Vosátko captured phenomena circling above our heads. Slovak and also wider European. They have been listening attentively and have been taking subtle note. The GUnaGU Theatre, together with Stoka and the newly founded Association for Contemporary Opera, is based on authentic observations of today's life.

Silvia Hroncová, Divadlo v Medzičase, 3-4/2000

Yes, the method does contain a substantial chunk of parody, but that layer of parody hides a number of exactly observed details from the behaviour of the protagonists of the Bratislava Mafia. The acting of the six gentlemen from GUnaGU contains a marked Brechtian gesture, their sharply clear-cut figures are almost neorealistically truthful, and at the same time chillingly amusing... The actors love the Mafia characters so much that they have absorbed - and that they now emanate – the tempting pleasure of evil.

Martin Porubjak, Svět a divadlo, 1/2000



directed by: Karol Vosátko
stage design: Marek Ormandík
costume design: Renáta Ormandíková
music: Michal Kaščák, Slavo Solovic
characters and cast:
Miki: Peter Sklár, Roby: Peter Batthyany, Edo: Viliam Klimáček / Ivan Macho, Chemistry and Mathematics Teacher: Igor Adamec, Rank-and-file Mafioso: Róbert Maduna, Paula – Miki's Sister: Martin Vanek, Female Body Builder: Megy Fajtová


Karol Vosátko (1962) 

He graduated in Theatre Directing at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava, has been working as a director for various media, bas won the Slovak Grammy for musical video clip of the year three times already. Since 1993 he has been directing in the GUnaGU Theatre. What is typical for his work is the post-modem linking of styles and genres, based on the fragmentary visual poetics of musical clips. He makes balanced combinations of musical and visual abbreviation with an emphasis on an authored text. The play English Js Easy... has originated in accordance with his "spontaneous speech" method and it has soon become a cult performance of the GUnaGU Theatre.