Dinner above the City

Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra, Slovakia, 1997
Author: Laco Kerata
Directed by Jan Antonín Pitínský

about the production

The given piece written by Laco Kerata, one of the leading persons of the STOKA alternative theatre, and directed by J. A. Pitínský, provided a wonderful occasion to the Nitra young actors. A play to be perceived and interpreted in many ways. lt offers all of the situations which may accompany the human existence: absurd ones and poetic ones, loneliness, dreams and brutality, strong presence of reality and evasive desires.

Just like in life, nothing is clear, all is linked together and veiled with the mood of expectations and mystery. This uncertainty of the atmosphere, emphasized by the delicate combination of performing, visual and music components, is typical for Pitínský's directing art.

The play also was presented by the Nitra Theatre at the KONTAKT '97 Theatre Festival in Toruň (Poland).

„The hunger is becoming the main metaphor of the performance, or maybe a symbol as well. The hunger is not only the work of our abdomen, but also of our erotic greeds, sexual instinct and even animality in us. lt is a very internal, frantic and mythological lust for the paradise."

(J. A. Pitínský)


director: Jan Antonín Pitínský
script editing: Svetozár Sprušanský
stage and costume design: Alexandra Grusková
characters and cast:
Mário: Marek Majeský, Mária: Lenka Barilíková, Viera: Daniela Kuffelová, Barborka: Lucia Lapišáková, Valéria: Adela Gáborová, Čašník: Andrej Rimko, Šéfkuchár: Michal Kožuch, Kuchári: Peter Andoč, Róbert Skaličan, Roman Šingliar, Jozef Tichanský, Juraj Uher


Jan Antonín Pitínský (1956) – Czech writer and theatre director, author of several plays, and the founder of the Circle of Amateurs alternative ensemble as well as the Cabinet of Muses, an alternative theatre studio in Brno. In the last years, the most awarded drama director in the Czech Republic.

He takes part in various theatre projects both in the Czech and the Slovak Republics, as a guest he works in the alternative STOKA Theatre in Bratislava, the Astorka-Korzo '90 Theatre in Bratislava, the Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra, and in the Slovak Radio. He is often invited to various festival juries, and takes part in workshops devoted to theatrical art. A wonderful stylizer, mystic and aesthete with an extraordinary sensitivity to visual, music and lyrical components of a performance.