Hic Hoc

Compagnie Jérôme Thomas, Cluny, France, 1997
Author: Jérôme Thomas
Directed by Jérôme Thomas

about the production

Hic Hoc is an unclassifiable performance. Containing buffoonery, musical and dance members. Presented by best jugglers, inspired by emotions, dreams, nightmares, images and by surreal and unreal situations.

Hic: Four objects-manipulators at the same time puppets, abandon their wooden boxes and enter into a strange ritual of endless motion depicting „the disfunction of the laws of gravity".

Hoc: A polyphonic dialogue between a pianist and a juggler. A burlesque reflecting the tension and harmony between sound and motion.



artistic director: Jérôme Thomas
music: Laurence Olivier
costume design: Emmanuelle Grobet
properties: Philippe Flocken, Pascal Rouet
sound, stage design: Frédéric Soria
light design: Yvan Pellecuer
Martin Schwietzke, Philippe Ménard, Vincent Lorimy, Emmanuel Anglaret


authors and interpretation: Jérôme Thomas
director: Cécile Borne
music: Ima Sumas, Pascal Comelade
costume design: Emmanuelle Grobet & Jérôme Thomas
sound, stage design: Frédéric Soria
light design: Yvan Pellecuer


Jérôme Thomas

A juggler formed by the milieu of circus and cabaret. He developed an original improvization practice and rediscovered juggling close to dance and dumb-show à la Buster Keaton and Jacques Tati. He teaches this way of juggling at the Circus Art College in Châlons-du-Marne.

Thomas is a co-founder of the Artrio ensemble, created the choreography and interpreted the solo performance in Extraballe piece. In Kulbuto Quintet he plays his part as one of the five performing jugglers.