One Half of the Two

Compañía Pendiente, Barcelona, Spain, 1997
Author: Ana Eulate – Mercedes Recacha
Directed by Ana Eulate – Mercedes Recacha

about the production

Two women - lonely and forgotten, but disposing of an admirable viability and poetry, met one another in a story oscillating between dance and drama. By seeking their human and female authenticity they both have to pass through a narrow corridor conneting the worlds of rationality and absurdity. They have to investigate whether the emotions are the products of habits, or - inversely. The performance itself - evaluated by some audiences as ironic and tragicomic - is simply a story about the dreams and romantic ambitions which generate in the ordinary rooms of the ordinary ageing, yet energetic women.

„One day he asked me to leave him. lt´s the verb he used. (…) I don't know if saying that he meant to abandon him or separate myself some steps only.

I never made me the question.

I don't make me other questions than this.

Ungrateful land, but not all. In three or four lifes I could have achieved something."

Samuel Beckett



direction, choreography and dance: Ana Eulate, Mercedes Recacha
choreographical theme: Ana Eulate
music: Alma Rose, Adriana Varela, Mercedes Simone
light design: Gabriel Paré, Jordi Llongueras
costume and stage design: Compañía Pendiente
ballroom teacher: Amalia Cabeza


Ana Eulate and Mercedes Recacha:

„Azu-Acero" Videodance Project produced by Mercé Prats and Ana Eulate in 1991 was the start of their collaboration. Both female dancers are members of the Metros Dance Group led by Ramón Oller, the director, and Francisco Lloberas, the choreographer. They also dance in other groups and participate in other create projects. „Brossa la Porta" Project was one of them - awarded by the Barcelona Theatre Critics special Premium in 1996. Ana Eulate also took part in the project in quality of director.