Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra, 2005
Author: Igor Bauersima
Directed by Vladislava Fekete

about the production

A play by Swiss Bauersima inspired by a real story of two suicides who got know each other by chatting on the internet and who committed common suicide by jumping from the height of 600 metres... Though chamber, the play is designed surprisingly generously with well fitting film shootings by Juraj Johanides, impressive lighting but mostly by tremendous stage design by Eva Rácová. If we want, we may analyse the connotations of the hole by help of which the actors get to the pure white space. This igloo can be the universe or the piece of home, it is cosy but also dangerous... the chatting of two lost souls in the global world was given beautiful artistic and semantic context - human embryos are floating through cold structure of the world.
Zuzana Uličianska, Sme

After few minutes on the stage, the actors create a semblance of inseparable unity, human affection and understanding, which is in the sharp conflict with the purpose they have met for. The scent of death on the one side, the unity, closeness and fragile feeling on the other, keep the spectator in tension and unhidden expectation... Multi-media parts of the production are equal to the other components, they are not introduced to the spectator as something extraordinary or innovative. They refine the action and are used naturally and by this they are given great inner value of expression.
Daniel Uherek, Slovo o kultúre

The stage is white, cold and sterile. It is snowing. On their way across the wall they are exchanging the pieces of information about themselves. They are seeing each other for the first time. It gives us the creeps when Zuzana Moravcová (Júlia) and Juraj Hrčka (August) walk on a narrow platform above the stage. Balance, unsteadiness. One step towards fall... The production is visually perfect. The walls come to live in the play of light and projection, which changes the moods of acting by means of impressive images or video projection.
Mária Jenčíková, Pravda



directed by Vladislava Fekete
translation: Martin Kubran
dramaturgy: Svetozár Sprušanský
set: Eva Ráczová
videoprojection: Juraj Johanides
music: Pavol Hubinák (Veneer)
animation: Miloš Mráz (Efix Studio)
characters and cast:
Julia: Zuzana Moravcová, August: Juraj Hrčka


Vladislava Fekete (1973)
She graduated from the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava where she studied dramaturgy and carries on her postgradual studies. She is interested mainly in contemporary drama. She works simultaneously in Serbia and Montenegro. She is also attracted by multimedia projects in which she uses elements of theatre, fine art and film and is also an author and coordinator of several theatrical workshops. She translates theatre plays and treatises into the Serbian language and vice versa. She is as well an author of numerous TV and radio screenplays and a member of The Artistic Committee of Theatre of Vojvodina in Serbia and Montenegro, the only professional Slovak theatre outside Slovakia.




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