Trading (original title Erreger)

Belgrade Drama Rheatre, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, 2005
Author: Albert Ostermaier
Directed by Anja Suša

about the production

Trading is an extreme text and even more extreme dramatic situation. It asks uncomfortable questions focusing on every- day madness which is born somewhere on the borders between a new economy and a stock market crash and points to deformities created in a structure of the personality of a trader by the surroundings in which virtual sums of millions dominate. This is the story of today's society which has changed into a stock market and about today's man who has changed into a businessman. It is about a relationship between an individual and society, in other words, between a businessman and a stock market. It is about a mercantilism of human existence in the present. And also about the diseases of contemporary civilization which we created by our loosing of the contact with humanistic principles declared by the Renaissance. From man standing in the centre of the Universe we have made it to the point where today's humankind transforms itself into many small self-sufficient universes. Can a person catch a computer virus? I believe that in one day it will be possible.
Anja Suša

It is a play of unusual form and structure written as a monologue play without any author's notes, punctuation, capital letters. It is a play of strong and suggestive images which are full of meanings. It deals with a frequent theme (cliché) of contemporary literature (drama): a relationship between an individual and society, or more precisely, a theme of dominating disease of today's world – some extreme kind of estrangement and dehumanization of today's man. Director Anja Suša stages the text of the play in a radically minimalist way. The play is set in some kind of a quarantine/hospital/mental hospital (a transparent net by stage designer Marija Kalabić which divides the space between the actors and the audience). At the same time, she destroys the monologue structure of the text by multiplying the main protagonist by which she suggests that this is full decay, schizophrenic bifurcation of a person into the one which is robotized and the second whose human possessions (emotions, perceiving of pain, anxiety and perhaps joy) are saved only in footsteps.
Darinka Nikolić

That estranged world and its tragedy have been seen with a sharp eye and a cunning pen of the author Albert Ostermaier, a young man who obviously knows the soul of that new religion without any sentiments, that oratory and that Divine Service with all the rituals but without a charge up and without a Holy Book, for there is just one rule – be the first one when you see the number showing up on that display and grab it all for yourself – that is, for your millionaire boss! ... Anja Susa, the director of this contemporary Sophocles, has cast a young actor Ivan Tomić assigning him all those dramatic and tragic lines of this chronicle of collapse to an individual, and to a young dancer Dusan Murić, to stand up to and outplay his verbal partner.
Goran Cvetković, Radio-Belgrade 2


directed by Anja Suša
stage & costume design: Marija Kalabić
music: Vladimir Pejković
characters and cast:  Trader: Ivan Tomić; Trader 2: Dušan Murić


Anja Suša (1973)
She graduated in theatre and radio directing at the Faculty of Drama in Belgrade, and gained her MA degree from the General and Modern History Department of the Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy. As a scholar of the Alfred Toepfer Foundation, she spent one year studying theatre studies at the Vienna University. The prime focus of her professional interest is in the field of contemporary drama. Her directorial opus includes authors: Peter Shaffer, Anthony Shaffer, Michael Frayn, Rona Munro, Marius von Mayenburg, as well as some of Serbian younger generation authors. She is an associate and a member of Editor's office of the theatre magazines “Ludus” and “Teatron”. She is a member of the BELEF (Belgrade Summer Festival) Council.


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