Six Degrees

Santasangre, Rome, Italy, 2009
Author: Santasangre
Directed by Santasangre

about the production

When we imagine the connection of new technologies, environmentalism, ecology, futurology and apocalyptic vision, we expect a cool installation of horrific and blame-bringing videos in some lab- white exhibition space. Such a self-critical reflection is brought also by this Italian project entitled Six Degrees, but in combination with theatrical mysticism and overpowering surreal poetry of image and music.

New technologies are a natural part of contemporary stage-craft. They can be used formally or for the effect. They can also be perfectly connected with the content and statement of a theatre work and become the means for reaching theatrical magic: “Santasangre took on the stage the beauty of technology, its potential expressiveness exalted at highest level, with an almost embarrassing perfection. A style machine, a technology of ideas, a system full of existential metaphors.” We do not watch the story of ecosystem by the eyes of the science but through strong theatricality, essential and minimalist stage form which brings something archetypally prehistoric as well as very technologic.

The Six Degrees does not have a traditional plot, it is rather an audio-visual installation with very thorough dramaturgical structure. Thematically it deals with fundamental environmental issues: What would happen if the temperature oh the Earth rose by six degrees? What changes would be following? Since the end of the 19th century the average annual temperatures have been increasing. The global warming, though, has been the subject of discussions concerning the climate changes observed only at the end of the 20th century. “Different climate models predict that between 1890 and 2100 the temperature rises in the range from 1,4°C to 5,8°C. Despite the global warming discussions deal mainly with temperature, climate changes may also bring changes of other geographic elements, including the sea level rise, extreme rainfalls etc. These changes may trigger various destructing phenomena such as floods, desertification, intense heat and decrease of farming products as well as extreme circumstances causing mass elimination of population.”

The production of Six Degrees, which is the last in the trilogy entitled The Study of Apocalyptic Theatre, the audience appreciates the high level of stylization, aestetization and the perfect form. The disappearing and appearing body of the performer behind the metal and glass construction surrounded by unreal images takes hold of our senses – is it a living human or just an optical apparition? We will not run from the effect of catharsis and emotional power of the questions set for our collective consciousness and conscience. The Santasangre go further in their examination of expressive possibilities, they are not afraid to cross any accomplished experience, they broaden the stage language and the scheme of signs and symbols and give an evidence that there are endless possibilities of artistic expression.
Romana Maliti


concept and realisation by Santasangre
divised by Diana Arbib, Luca Brinchi, Maria Carmela Milano, Dario Salvagnini, Pasquale Tricoci, Roberta Zanardo
video live processing: Diana Arbib, Luca Brinchi, Pasquale Tricoc
sound: Dario Salvagnini
body and voice: Roberta Zanardo
visual designer 3D: Piero Fragola
water animation 3D: Alessandro Rosa
recordings: voice and violin H.E.R, violoncello V. Mattioni, fiati G.Piccioni
set design, costumes: Maria Carmela Milano, F. Benvignati
organization: Elena Lamberti
co-production: Romaeuropa Festival  008  Romaeuropa Promozione Danza, Sistema Teatro Marche  Inteatro



Santasangre (Maria Carmela Milano, Luca Brinchi, Dario Salvagnini, Roberta Zanardo, Diana Arbib) is a project of artistic development born in Rome in the early years of the new millennium. Since 2003 it has been resident theatre company at Kollatino Underground, an independent cultural centre in the outskirts of Rome.

Santasangre is the result of the meeting of different personalities; its journey has got the aim to investigate that blank space existing beyond the defined language, to pass through new forms and contents, to start a process of expressive contamination on a transversal axis touching the most significative styles of performing arts such as video, music, body art and environmental aesthetic design.

Santasangre’s need of expression takes the work further, beyond every particularity and every complementary experience, to be realized in a bold fusion of expanded languages and addiction of signs.

Company published interesting editions (Iperscene, Hic sunt leones). They attend in festivals and theatres in Italy, Crotia, Norway, Germany, France. In 2006 they were awarded by Dante Cappelletti ´06 Award – special prize for the experimentation of languages.