Lilia Abadjieva Company, Sofia, Bulgaria 1999
Author: William Shakespeare
Directed by Lilia Abadjieva

about the production

Lilia Abadjieva has adapted, disintegrated, decomposed, shortened and also completed Hamlet and almost ´sacred´ drama of the Elizabethan playwright has created a real postmodernist theatre show. Hamlet in her interpretation is a grotesque puzzle full of irony and sarcasm, but also a generation statement where each of young actors is a Hamlet representing all their generation. The essential question of 'to be or not to be' with its complement of meaning '... in the world of the adults' creates a leitmotif of the whole stage production. In spite of the seriousness of the proposed question the performance is full of ´unbound´ youth and enjoyment of life visible mainly through music arranged in a modem way, through the extravagant costumes, exalted dancing, and especially in the work of the director herself marked by the inventive search far new stage forms.


adaptation and directed by: Lilia Abadžijeva
producer: Zlatko Gulekov
stage design: Svetoslav Kokalov
costume design: Peťa Stojkova
music processing: Lilia Abadžijeva
translation: Valeri Petrov
Claudius: Moňu Monev, Hamlet: Ľudmíl llarionov, Polonius: Stefan Gujev, Horatio: Dimitr Račkov, Laertes: Dejan Donkov, Gertrude: Silvestr Silvestrov, Ophelia: Vasil D. Vasiljev, Ghost: Michail llijkov


Lilia Abadjieva (1966) graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Art. She has proven to belong to the field of contemporary art already with her first very successful performances. The essence of her success is the inventiveness of her theatre work and imagination she works with during the preparation of the final theatre performance where a form and content mutually overlap. The unity and coherence of the style following the German expressionism, Meyerhold, Artaud and Grotowski makes her performances very impressive, creating really modern theatre language. The actors in her performances are not only characters in plays but also director's bizarre visions out of her creative artistic fantasy. Although Lilia Abdjieva has staged classics – Shakespeare (Hamlet), Molière (Mizantrop), Goethe (The Sufferings of Young Werther), Gogol (Marriage, The lnspector), Chekhov (The Seagull), her productions are always the statement of her own generation.

Materials available

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Scripts of the production: SK, RU

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