Maria Magdalene

Theater Basel, Switzerland, 1999
Author: Friedrich Hebbel
Directed by Andreas Kriegenburg

about the production

Kriegenburg 's ruthless stage production presents the apocalypse in a living room. A primary director´s interpretation, however, is not a tragic culmination of a story with four dead corpses. Starting with the first moments until the unstoppable final catastrophe the performance is marked by a stiff atmosphere of the enclosed family microcosm. Cold horror bursts from seemingly unimportant trivialities of petite bourgeoisie's home prison ruled by fear, tremor and helplessness. A spectator can perceive all this mainly through impressive images. Physical expression, hectic actor's gesture, text many times lost in a tight almost unidentifiable murmur of words create in Kriegenburg's directing fascinating theatrical expression bringing back the meaning and contemporaneity to Hebbel’s text.


directed by: Andreas Kriegenburg
stage and costume design: Robert Ebeling
music: Clemens Sienknecht
script editing: Julia Lochte
assistant director: Rafael Sanchez
assistant stage production: Caroline Grobben
assistant of costume design: Ursula Leuenberger
Master Anton: Albo Klieber, His Wife: Iris Erdmann, Klara, Their Daughter: Katharina Schmalenburg, Kari, Their Son: Clemens Sienknecht, Leonhard: Edmund Telgenkämper, Secretary: Siegfried Terpoorten, Adam, Court Servant: Michael Schindhelm


Andreas Kriegenburg (1963) – originally artistic carpenter, worked in theatres in Zittau, Frankfurt Upon Oder, later as director in Volksbühne in Berlin. His plays have been three times performed at Berliner Teaterteffen, last time it was lbsen's The People's Enemy. Moreover, he performed in Hannover, Residenztheater in München, in Basel in Switzerland and in 1999/2000 he is going to work for Burgtheater in Vienna. Exactly during the Divadelna Nitra Festival '99 his performance Lulu by F. Wedekind is going to be premiered in Burgtheater. He has been considered one of the most original directors of German speaking world.

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Scripts of the production: SK, DE

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