Slovak National Theatre – Drama, Bratislava, Slovakia, 1999
Author: Ferenc Molnár
Directed by Juraj Nvota

about the production

A romantic comedy with a scent of moving nostalgia approximates the poetics of Ödön von Horvath's plays staged frequently and favourably by Juraj Nvota. Hungarian playwright Ferenc Molnár is the Central European writer in the best sense of the word because of his good-hearted humour modelling his local characters from the fringe of a city. And suddenly it does not matter whether the action takes place in Budapest, Vienna or Pressburg. The play was written for the Vígszínház Theatre, where it was staged in 1909 the first time, however, it was not accepted by the public. lt was successfully staged only after its performance in the U.S.A. and the countries of Western Europe. lt is being staged in the Slovak translation for the first time.


directed by Juraj Nvota
translation: Peter Kováč
adaptation: Juraj Nvota a Darina Abrahámová,
script editing: Darina Abrahámová
stage and costume design: Mona Hafsahl,
music: Michal Ničík
lyrics: Jakub Nvota
Liliom: Ján Kroner, Julka: Diana Mórová, Mara: Gabriela Dzuríková, Muškátová: Božidara Turzonovová or Eva Krížiková, Dandy: Marián Geišberg, Hugo: Vladimír Obšil, Hollunderová: Viera Jopinková,  Commisary - Commisary in Heaven: Juraj Slezáček, Linzmann: Dušan Taragel', Zandár, Police Officer: Juraj Rašla, Dr. Reich: Vladimír Durdík, Lujza: Michaela Merklová or Anna Repková



Juraj Nvota (1954)
Fantasy and the real, dream and awakening, kind humour and non­ pathetic tragic – these are the main qualifiers of Juraj Nvota's directing. Among his heroes belong the people whose life is a moving and at the same time embarrassing fight far their own dignity. Nvota has staged mainly the contemporary texts, but he does not avoid the classical ones either. He has created more than 50 stage productions in various theatres. His work far the Radošina Naive Theatre in Bratislava had the strongest response. During the last seven seasons he has worked as full-time director of the Astorka Theatre whose stage productions have met with the deepest interest of the theatre-goers in the last years. Nvota has filmed 10 television films and starred in the famous and awarded films by Dušan Hanák Pink Dreams and Martin Šulík Everything I Like.