The Prodigal Son

Klicpera’s Theatre, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, 1999
Author: Renate Raspová – Marek Pivovar
Directed by Vladimír Morávek

about the production

The Prodigal Son is the second of tour young Czech authors dramas staged during one season in the Klicpera's Theatre under the name The Antelopes' Nights. Absurd comedy about the petite bourgeoisie family, at the first glance ordinary and enclosed from the others, reveals to the spectators its internal world: human depravity, violence, tyranny against the closest people. At the same time, it enables to experience the atmosphere of horror and biting anxiety. An intimate performance of the Hradec Theatre is an excellent interplay of a mathematically precise director's plan and concentrated and balanced acting of its five protagonists.


directed by Vladimír Morávek
translation: Vlasta Dvořáková
script editing: Zora Vondráčková
stage design: Václav Vohlídal
costume design: Sylva Hanáková
music: Zdeněk Plachý
Modem Opera Company
Uncle: David Suchařípa, Mother: Pavla Tomicová, Son: Jozef Čepelka, Mr. Hála: Marcel Rošetzký, Mrs. Hála: Kateřina Francová



Vladimír Morávek (1965) has the reputation of a "theatre madman". Far some he is irritating, far some he is exciting. One of the most remarkable personalities of Czech theatre – as he says about himself – a wild and annoying child of Czech directing. He started his professional career in the 'Husa na provázku' theatre in Brno. His works aroused controversial responses – first of his professors at the Janáček Academy of Music and Drama, later of theatre critics and he public. His way of directing, his interpretation of a text, his ability to achieve that everything ranging from an actor to stage technical equipment ´acts' in his theatre performance, has found the responsive match in the Klicpera's Theatre in Hradec Králové. He has worked there as an artistic director since 1997 (about the Klicpera's Theatre, please, see the preceding page). He was awarded the 'Prize far Theatre Production' in 1998 by Czech Literary Fund for The Antelopes' Nights, a cycle of four dramas by young Czech authors staged over one season. He is going to present his projects at the Divadelna Nitra '99 the third time – DN '95 – the Mrštík's Brothers: Maryša (Goose on the String, Brno), DN '96 - G. Preissová: "Her Her Step-daughter" (Klicpera's Theatre).