Never-ending World / Alpha Omega

Vizita Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic, 1999
Author: Jaroslav Dušek
Directed by Jaroslav Dušek

about the production

Vizita Theatre Company which has been a part of the Czech theatre life for almost 20 years is an exceptional phenomenon in the Czech environment. Not only its poetics, but also its approach towards the theatre performance is absolutely genuine. It stresses the improvisation therefore each performance is the 'first and the last night at a time. It is based on words but those are connected with motion, music and artistic elements in the form of masks and lighting.

Jaroslav Dušek's improvisation differs from other improvisations. It is not only the point of departure for a new structure. On the contrary, it is n absolute improvisation and he himself says about it: "The longer I do it the more I am alert not to make up something in advance. I train myself to walk on the stage prepared nothing to start with."

Vizita Theatre Company, whose essence and for the whole existence of the theatre constant personality has been Jaroslav Dušek, represented the Czech Republic in Gent, Antwerp and Stockholm. It was invited for the 8th lnternational Festival of Experimental Theatre in Cairo. It has staged totally 25 series of live radio broadcasting of its improvisations in the Czech Radio. It was awarded the Grand Prix Bohemia for one of them in the category of dramatic works in 1994. It received the Silver Certificate on the prestigious radio festival Prix Fortuna Berlin '95.




Jaroslav Dušek (1961) as a child of parents employed in the theatre (Semafor, Prague) has always been closely attached to the theatre world. He has worked different jobs including the blue collar ones. Later he acted in several films (in the film Stone Bridge he worked also as a co-writer of the screenplay), wrote several radio plays, a TV script, which he eventually co-directed later and he wrote a libretto for the opera La Serra. He teaches authorial acting specialization at Jaroslav Ježek Conservatoire in Prague.