Theatre of the 8th Day, Poznan, Poland, 1993
Author: Theatre of the 8th Day
Director: Lech Raczak

about the production

WORMWOOD (PALINA) is a record of dreams, phantoms or nightmares, which are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the reality of the early 1980s. It is like an itinerary of a journey round the country involving in the night or like a letter of the shipwrecked delivered in the sea. Although the performance arose after the state of emergency had been promulgated, from the need to protest and to defy it, it was never wanted to be a simple coverage, description or testimony of those days. WORMWOOD is above all an expression of human desire for different world and people, an attempt to find and spare the hope, a breeze able to carry the man up to his journey towards something unusual, unknown, un-named.

WORMWOOD is then above all a challenge, an attempt to win over the world we live in, it is a struggle of people with the {ate, it is an act of creation.         ·

Lech Raczak – a co-founder of the Theatre of the 8th Day (1964), since October 1968 its artistic director and producer of all of its performances (also an actor until 1975), author and co-author of manifests and programme texts of the company.

Since June 1985 until June 1986 the Theatre of the 8th Day gave its performances both in Poland, and in western Europe, and since July 1986 until February 1989 exclusively in abroad.

Important Polish and European Festivals: Lodz, Wroclaw, Palermo, Lublin, Stockholm, London, Edinburgh, Munich, Stuttgart, Bern, Blois, Grenoble, Zurich, The Hague, Berlin, Arhus, Mir Caravan (1989), Glasgow.


director: Lech Raczak
script, text, set design: Ewa Wójciak, Adam Borowski, Tadeusz Janiszewski, Marcin Keszycki, Leeh Raczak, Roman Radomski
music: Lech Jankowski
improvization on violine: Katarzyna Klebba
cast: Ewa Wójciak, Adam Borowski, Tadeusz Janiszewski, Marcin Keszycki