Wise Kokoško

The Old Theatre of Karol Spišák, Nitra (before The Puppet Theatre in Nitra), 1993
Author: Vincent Šikula, Ondrej Sliacky
Director: Peter Gábor

about the production

It is not necessary to introduce particularly the writer Vincent Šikula to the reading public nor is it necessary to introduce his writings for children. His books, Mister Gamekeeper Has a Flower on his Hat, Holidays with Uncle Raphael, The Egg of the Lilliputian Hen or The Wise Cockerel (Pán horár má za klobúkom mydleničku, Prázdniny so strýcom Rafaelom,

Vajíčko sliepky liliputánky, O múdrom kohútikovi) have already been read by several generations of pupils. The last named was dramatized by the long-time editor and present editor-in-chief of the children's periodical Slniečko Ondrej Sliacky. This text became the starting point for the creators of the staging who tried to transfer Šikula's story – telling master ship on the stage.

The performance issues from the principles of the modem marionette theatre where full advantage is taken of live actors, marionettes and work with stage properties. The creators tried for a statement that would address children of pre-school and younger school age but also grown-up people who did not forget to be children of such an age.

Judge by yourself whether they succeeded. The story is of a peasant woman who acquires a great fortune thanks to advice of a wise cockerel, however looses it due to her avariciousness and miserliness. The opposite pole of the miser woman are two peddlers with pears, epicures of life and folk philosophers knowing that wealth is a good thing but that there are better and more important things in life.

At last, according to our two heroes, it does not always hold true that it is better to be rich than poor since fortune does not always mean happiness as well

Ivan Gontko


director: Peter Gábor
script editor: Ivan Gontko
set and puppets: Ivan Hudák
costumes: Judita Lisová
music: Peter Vaňouček
cast: Roman Valkovič, Oľga Schrameková, Ľubomír Kratochvíl, Ivan Gontko, Ivana Behrová, Mariana Kysučanová, Marta Siková