About the rich…

Ensemble Etc., Žiar nad Hronom, 1993
Author: Pavol Kyrmezer
Director: Irena Novotná

about the production

The children theatre ensemble Etc. at the Primary School of Arts in Žiar nad Hronom was formed in 1986. It is managed by Mrs. Irena Novotná, a teacher of creative drama. From the very beginning Belo Felix, a music composer and teacher cooperates with the ensemble. He is the author of the musical component of each bigger staging. . j
The ensemble stages poetry of contemporary local and classic authors, plays f of its own or adaptations of prosaic pieces. By its stagings it is successfully presented at top showcases and competitions.
The ensemble decided to stage the About the Rich play, based on the inspiration, by Kyrmezer's morality The Czech Comedy about the Rich and Lazar (1566), as a tribute to the author of the original, native of their region, but also because its message is still topical nowadays.
In the biblical story about the rich who did not feel sorry for the penury of the ill Lazar and therefore the Death took him before his time to punish his soul by an eternal suffering in the hell, on the stage there are both earthly – mortal and spiritual characters. The former is represented by puppets, the later by live actors – children.

Irena Novotná


director and dramaturgy: Irena Novotná
music and lyrics: Belo Felix
puppets and costumes: H. Soboslayová, Irena Novotná
technology of puppets: Milan Kirschner
cast: H. Šiška, D. Gábor, D. Danko, M. Páleník, M. Kirschner, D. Bolfová, A. Maslenová, Z. Búciová, Ľ. Cabáňová, P. Jobbová, E. Pavlová, R. Lovecká, B. Jančoková, J. Kaščáková, Z. Sedliaková, V. Hanáková, J. Sojková, L. Lacková, L. Haringová, P. Schmidtová, V. Putová, K. Kravecová, L. Cagáňová, A. Bošková, B. Neuschová, J. Holá, S. Uhrinová, V. Lukáčová, D. Tatárová, K. Húsková