The Beads of Melodies

The Jewish State Theatre, Bucharest, Romania, 1993

about the production

The Jewish Theatre has a tradition of nearly 120 years in Rumania. Documents confirm the fact, Auram Goldfaden laid the foundations of the first professional Jewish theatre in the

world on 19th August 1876 in laš in the known garden “At Green Tree”. The torch of the theatre in the language yiddish has spread from Rumania all over the world, but it has nowhere found an appearance of an uninterrupted existence.

In the years of the fascistic dictatorship during the Second World War, the ensemble lived hard times. At that time, a group of artists founded a small theatre Baraseum. On its stage, the plays were performed in the Rumanian language. (By the way, Rumania was the only country in the world in which a Jewish theatre existed, at that time). Baraseum became not only a hospitable shelter for Jewish actors and playwrights, but a refuge of the spiritual protest against injustice and intolerance, as well.

The State Jewish Theatre, founded on 1st August, 1948, was the first state Jewish theatre all over the world. Ii has asserted itself as an individual institution, and an integrated part of the theatrical movement in Rumania and Europe, at the same time.

There have been performed more than 180 first-nights over since, and a wide repertoire has been presented, as Jewish actors, keeping line with traditions, perform, dance and sing.

At present, the theatre tends to be a synthesis of traditions and modern means of expression, with the aim to show significant values of one thousand years' culture to the contemporaries. Its art of dramatization is characteristic by a multifariousness of

presentation ways, by the ability of the actors to change genres easily and to develop, alike their excellent predecessors, a total theatre.

During the past years, the theatre had a number of tours abroad, to the U.S.A., Canada, Israel, Germany, Austria, and Russia.