Tired Heraclitus

The National Theatre, Brno, Czech Republic, 1993
Author: Vladimír Morávek
Director: Vladimír Morávek

about the production

The staging Unavený Hérakles (Tired Heraclitus) was written for the stage Malá scéna of the Mahen theatre (Mahenovo divadlo). It was performed by a young ensemble of the drama group from the National Theatre. They came to the theatre immediately after graduation from Janáček's Academy of Performing Arts in Brno, Faculty of Theatre.
The original inspiration far this staging is Heraclitus by Euripidés. The investigation of the theme had led the director and his co-workers to a number of other adaptations (probably the best known in our milieu is the play Hercules and Augean Stables by Friedrich Dürrenmatt). The paraphrase of the Heraclitus theme written by the German play-wright Heiner Milller Heraclictus 5 became a key-text. The final text was created directly at rehearsals. Other motives that had appeared were compiled by Vladimír Morávek.
The mythical hero Heraclitus who was predestinated to do exploits, is a character of confrontation far the young authors. They try to inquire into their (and our) attitude towards heroism, towards its verity, meaning and mission. What motives are hidden behind the hero's behaviour? How does he himself ponder his {ate? Is his (our) behaviour really as wonderful as it is narrated in the old myths, or is it a little different? The primary scepticism about the immaculate heroism is involved already in Heiner Milller´s play. In the play Unavený Hérakles it was given also another feature: the desire for the ideal is mixed up with a grievous perception that man either does not k now the way leading towards the ideal or is not able to follow it quite relentlessly and patiently. The whole story of Unavený Hérakles can be denoted „the attempt at the hope”. It is a difficult attempt, but strenuous and honest.
The staging was the centre of the Czech critics' attention and caused a number of heated discssions and polemics.

Václav Cejpek


script and director: Vladimír Morávek
set decoration: Josef Daněk
music: Jan Zrzavý
script editor: Václav Cejpek
cast: Roman Slovák, Jitka Bédiová, Pavel Vrzal, Martin Sláma, Jan Novák, Kateřina Vaníčková, Petr Jančařík, Gabriela Ježková