You Move Me So Much (Fragments from Life and Work of Dominik Tatarka)

The Puppet Theatre at the Crossroads (before The Theatre at the Crossroads), Banská Bystrica, 1993
Author: Iveta Škripková
Director: Marián Pecko

about the production

We are going to perform a staging for you with the subtitle Fragment s from life and work of Dominik Tatarka. The subtitle outlines, what kind of the theatre production we are trying to perform. Fragmentary, as much as we could, we try to get you more acquainted with the image and fate of man, an artist – author, with the

through the mediation of which the writer's reflections on the writings and fate

were coming into existence. They are the reflections of one of the few Slovak writers whose writings have penetrated into his life, one of those who did not want to assimilate his life, his attitude and himself to the picture of survival. Like the average. Like the socialist writers.

His works published before 1968 are: Being Anxious About Searching (1942), The Virgin Prodigy (1944), The Parish Republic (1948), The First and the Second Strike (1950), The Wedding-Cake, The Companionable Years (1954), Man in His Travels (1957), The Never-ending Talks (1959), The Wicker Armchairs (1963), The Demon of Conformity (1963), Against the Demons (1968).

After 1977, the following books were published abroad: The Notes, Alone Against the Night, and The Letters to the Eternity. Thanks to them, many valuable ideas from Dominik Tatarka's works have been preserved in both literary and human aspects.

The original intention, to introduce an alternative lesson of the Slovak language

on the stage as The Scenic Reading from Dominik Tatarka's Life and Works, has spread on other meanings.

When the audience experiences and fully feels several instants of this form of address, everybody is associated with one another by something unknown, peculiar, maybe it is just the human link to begin the talks about him or her, about one-self, about us...

Arts should join the people... The everwinning demon of our conformity, of our, submission to our living conditions, the Demon of Conformity, against whom D. Tatarka had lived all his life, is still smiling at us.

How much submission there is in us! How much silence without sympathy! That is, just that is, about what D. Tatarka had talked and written. That is the reason' why he had written.   'i.

Try and stay here with us, friends!                                 '

Try to experience something from one person's life with us. These little theatrical convergences may bring you to Tatarka, maybe to us, maybe somewhere else…

Iveta Škripková


director: Marián Pecko
script: Iveta Škripková
set: Ján Zavarský
puppets and costumes: Eva Farkašová
music: Henrich Leško
choreography: Elena Krošláková - Lindtnerová
cast: Ján Kožuch, Viera Dubačová, Jozef Šamaj, Štefan Pišša, Alena Sušilová, Pavol Hadač, Michal Ďuriš, Ján Haruštiak, Ľubomír Blaško, Zora Rybanová