Spoonriver Anthology

Theatre of Dejvice, Prague, Czech Republic, 1994
Author: Eduard Lee Masters
Directed by Jakub Krofta

about production

The Theatre of Dejvice belongs among the youngest theatre companies in Prague, with a permanent professional staff. It was established in October 1992. Since September 1993, the theatre has been engaging an ensemble of nine actors, consisting of the DAMU Alternative and Puppet Theatre Department graduates.

This group has performed in the Theatre of Dejvice even during their studies, thus several graduate perfomances were born on this stage, e. g Daniil Charms: Petrák-Hrbatý, Makarov, Petersen, Ida Markovna, Gnom and others. Under the direction of A. Goldflam, or the Spoonriver Anthology, which was inspired by the book of E. L. Masters. The director of the stage production Jakub Krofta has inherited from his father more than just a name. Kindly humorous and at the same time occasionally very rough story has its powerful moments. Krofta takes one idea with another, with the bravado of a confident poker player. The whole production overwhelms you, like a huge torrent of games and gags, like an endless wave of a pure THEATRE. More titan just a mention should go to the puppets and stage design by Marek Zákostelecký. Pleasant and above all charming hyper-realism of the work with detail in changes between spontaneity and stylization…
Source: DIVADLO issue 30, 1993
Petr Karban


script and director: Jakub Krofta
translation: Zdeněk Urbánek
set design: Marek Zákostelecký
music: Vráťa Šrámek
cast: Ivana Lokajová, Michaela Saxoriouá, Lenka Svadbíková, Peter Varga, Čenda Koliáš, Martin Matejka, Pavel Tesař, Martin Veliký, Jan Vondráček