Magic Flight

Compagnie Philippe Genty, Paris, France, 1994
Author: Philippe Genty
Directed by Philippe Genty

about production

Puppeteer? Choreographer? Director? Psychoanalyst - layman who is offering for analysis his own visions? Phillipe Genty confesses, that he is, above all, an all-rounder amateur, in other word s in­ corrigible dreamer. In the studio, near La Bastille, where Phillipe Genty has been residing for some twenty years, one can feel the chemistry and secret alchemy. Everywhere are instruments and tools, paint and paintings, unusual materials, latex with glass fibber, he­ re and there are lying earthenware arms and heads, piece of a huge deck-chair. This is the place, where he paints, tinkers, and thinks. Philippe Genty - a puppeteer?  Yes, and no.

The ensemble of Philippe Genty takes us in his performance of Derives (Magic Flight), which is a synthesis of visual and theatrical expression, dance and pantomime, on a magic journey, coloured with passionate and mesmerizing music by Rene Aubry and which is full of surprises, magic and poetry.

Train is passing by in the distance. From the evaporating cloud of smoke is slowly emerging a figure without a torso, in raincoat and a hat “a la Bogarť”. From this figure appear twins, smaller one time, larger the next, and we are loosing the perception of space and reality. Where are the people and where are the puppets? Where does the fabric end and a body from flesh and bones begin?

From the whir of these beings, hovering in the space and time, freed from all shackles, a red-hair woman is born. Provocatively naked under the raincoat, she is exhibiting her curvaceous body and is seducing a shy and coy partner. From their confluence is born a being, which in the face of its destiny is slowly discovering the world. lt is difficult to describe individual scenes of this journey to birth. Most of them re­main in the viewer's memory as moments of beauty, magic and humour: the arrival of illuminated steamship to New York, glowing in the night, the appearance of a Leviathan in a costume of American majorette, with the head of the Statue of Liberty, which devours the City before she herself is eaten by carnivorous fish, large flexible tilted area, which gives an impression of “Nowheresuille” and where fingers, arms, heads and figures of mysterious beings appear. She disappears with a surprising trick to leave the space to a transparent canvas from which, through light projection, slowly emerges brilliant lsadora Duncan...


author and director: Philippe Genty
choreography: Mary Underwood
music: René Aubry
costumes: Charline Bauce
lighting: Gaelle de Maglaive
cast: Sue Hawksley, Irene Panizzi, Ralf Hofmann, Harry Holtzman, Yacine Perret