Children’s Theatre Ensemble Kamarát, Bratislava, 1994
Author: Nikolai Nosov
Directed by Mária Fridrichová

about production

Children's Theatre Ensemble KAMARAT works at the Primary school in Bratislava since 1984. The ensemble is focused mainly on the use of choreographic, acting and vocal education in the process of development of aesthetic and ethical principles within forming of children's character.

The ensemble succeeded, perhaps most remarkably, in the scenic dances and stage compositions. From 1983 to 1989, the ensemble won the major prizes in the regional and municipal competitions.

In 1984, the ensemble advances to the Slovak review of children 's non-folklore ensembles and it gets again to the head of the competition. Mária Fridrichová, the teacher, develops choreography and the culture of verbal expression of her students. Thanks to her effort to develop and to implement creative abilities and imagination of the students in their own way as much as possible, she gives the children a freedom, not only in the performing, but also in the composition and thematic levels of their activity.

Until today, the ensemble presented three complete performances of a musical genre. In 1989, it was a performance Golden Fish or the Miracles Still Happen, in 1992 a performance Cviri-viri (Chirp-chip, chirp-chirp-chip), and in 1994 stage production Nevedko.

Script of the stage production Nevedko, based on the pro se by N. Nosov Nevedko's Adventures, was written by M. Fridrichová and P. Felner in cooperation with the children. Lyrics are collective work of the whole ensemble. Costumes and set designs are based on the first edition of the book Nevedko's Adventures.



script: Mária Fridrichová, Pavol Fellner, Juraj Ulický
directed by Mária Fridrichová, Pavol Fellner
music: Pavol Fellner
choreography: Mária Fridrichová
set design: Juraj Ulický
costumes: Alena Antalíková
cast: Marián Chalány, Martin Bakoš, Kamil Kollárik, Matej Oravec, Filip Bobula, Martin Rendoš, Eva Beláňová, Barbora Baranová, Kristína Byrtusová, Elena Macáková, Mária Orlíčková, Mária Podobová, Katka Kováčiková, Janka Antalíková, Veronika Slivovská, Dáša Schnurmacherová, Dáša Krmenčíková, Petra Spielböcková, Kristína Janečková, Jožka Gajarská