Disk, Trnava, 1994
Author: Dušan Vicen and comp.
Directed by Dušan Vicen and comp.

about production

Amateur theatre ensemble Disk has been in existence continuously since 1955, and it has achieved its first remarkable success fifteen years after its birth.

Later on, for a period of ten years, the ensemble is overshadowed by ensembles Vysokoškolák from Trnava and Z – theatre Zeleneč.

But from 1983, the ensemble becomes almost regular participant in the major competition of the Slovak amateur theatres.

The principal changes of structural and artistic orientation of the Disk theatre ensemble happened in 1987, when a new artistic director and director Blaho Uhlár begins to work with Disk. Stage productions ACO (1988) and The Misery or the End of the Theatre in Town T (1993) always brought a new artistic version of higher quality. lt is worthy of mention, that the ensemble led by Blaho Uhlar, achieved a deserved recognition and awards in the context of the Slovak dramatic art.

In 1993, Blaho Uhlar, busy with managing and organizing the STOKA ensemble, announced a short break in the cooperation with DISK. But Uhlár does not quit DISK and he shares in the creative work and development of this theatre group.

The latest stage production of the ensemble is Carravana or The Night of the Long Snouts, which was created in 1994, and was directed by Dušan Vicen from Tvrdošín. lt is a brochure, which reveals the cooperation of Blaho Uhlár, which is remarkably expressed in the entire staging, not only from both formal and thematic decomposition, an impressive and artistically valuable visual picture, as well as an omnipresent irony and grotesque, and also excellently prepared performance by outstanding cast... And last but not least in a perfect harmony of the presentation of a director and actors... This stage production has also enjoyed well-deserved success at the top amateur theatre reviews of 1994.


directed by Dušan Vicen and comp.
associate director: Blaho Uhlár
music: Ľubomír  Burgr
costumes: Zuzana Piussi
cast: Klaudia Benkovská, Milan Brežák, Daniela Gudabová, Pavol Lančarič, Aneta Knapová, Jozef Knap, Táňa Michalová, Martina Niedlová, Ján Rampák, Judita Takáčová