Adventures of Don Quijot

Theatre of Dejvice, Prague, Czech Republic, 1994
Author: Jan Borna according to Miguel de Cervantes
Directed by Jan Borna

about production

In the last season began a very successful cooperation of the ensemble with director Jan Borna, who subsequently became artistic director. Under his leadership were prepared two stage productions, first a play for children with variations on topsyturvy themes What an Idea and in March 1994 had a premiere The Adventures of Don Quixote.

“Novel by Cervantes is complicated and voluminous and has received many different treatments. Borna has elected play full and mysterious approach. He ignored the continuous dramatization; he selected several typical and theatrically suitable situations - events and with a nine-member party played out spontaneous game of Quixote and with Quixote, set within the framework of the story about red marble – “Shem”. which is supposed to open the doors, leading to the meaning of life…

… The secret remains undisturbed. It is taken away by Don Quixote in his mysterious smite. The meaning of life cannot be had; it can only be lived.

Zdeněk Hořínek, Lidové Noviny, April 1, 1994




script and director: Ján Borna
translation: Václav Černý, Dagmar Strejčková
set design: Bára Lhotáková
music: Jan Vondráček
lighting:  Viktor Láné
cast: Ivana Lokajová, Michaela Saxonová, Lenka Svadbíková, Čenék Koliáš, Pavel Tesař, Peter Varga, Jan Vondráček