Tune Your Fork

Dragon, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, 1994
Directed bx Jiří Vyšohlíd

about production

The Theatre "Dragon" from Hradec Králové belongs, without a doubt, to the exceptional events of theatrical life. For more than half a century, it is commanding, at home and also abroad, respect of critics and audiences. In the annals of contemporary theatre, there are only few theatre companies, which have so much originality, dynamics and inuentiueness. Also, there are very few theatres, which would participate in the creative metamorphoses of its own genre with such vigour and at the same time did not depart from its daily duty towards the society and the nation.

The Theatre Dragon from Hradec Králové was established at a time, when new puppet theatre tastes, actiue within the framework of staged and metaphorical theatre, were formed in Europe.

Now, we are witnessing a phase which in a certain sense synthesizes its past cre­ atiue development.

One of  the typical facets of this development is the use of "live actor" on the stage and more importantly, the gradual discouery of  his theatrical function and purpose and his relationship to the puppet. In this relationship, lately euen the puppet is being treated as a dramatic and scenic object...

(On the contrary, sometimes the object, for example a musical instrument, assumes the function of a puppet. lt becomes a toy and through this, somehow a learning aid. It is also the case in the stage production Tune Your Fork devoted to the smallest children, which as a fragment of a mosaic serves as a proof of the creatiue qualities of the "Dragon''. Note from the editor.)


This opening rhyme is the key, with which Jiří Vyšohlíd unlocks the gate, which leads to the magic land of the Music Queen. On the journey through this land, he is inuiting all those, who want to taste, to enjoy, and those frugal eaters, so that he can, during the journey full of surprises, tune their ears, far them to enjoy the musical feast opened far them and them only. From this feast, they can then take with them itching fingers and a desire to try to make sound from everything that surrounds them, including various musical instruments.

You could say, that this is not a theatre but a school concert. We will be closest to the truth, when we say that it is a concert theatre, which is reacting to huge waves of reproduced music, to the waves of noise stage set which are surrounding as and drowning us until we are unable to hear the clinking of a flower-bell. Of course, an element of an educational concert is present.  And that is to lead the children to a correct perception of music, to the art of listening, to the art of recognizing the basic difference between reproduced music and live musical experience.


director and music: Jiří Vyšohlíd
set design: Irena Marečková
lyrics: Jolana Branyová
rhymes: Jolana Branyová, Jan Vodňanský
sript editing: Vladimír Zajíc
assistant director: Michaela Domeová
cast: Jiří Vyšohlíd, Jolana Branyová, Pavel Černík