The Bear

The Jonáš Záborský Theatre, Prešov, 1994
Author: Anton Pavlovivh Chekhov
Directed by Ivan Holub

about production

After the great epic plays like Dorst's Merlin and Christ Enters the Paradise, Ivan Holub „has found himself in one act joke The Bear by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov and he tailor-made it exclusively for Mr. and Mrs. Stražan. Holub has created a comedy sparkling with humour and unsurpassable lightness, even despite the fact that the plot of this one act joke is desperately serious and narrates about the widow Popova who meets the retired lieutenant Smirnov, her deceased husband's creditor. Although, the entire plot is based upon the debt of an infidel husband, the reveller, the story scintillates with passions and rages with mutual hatred. Everything ends a bit unexpectedly and a bit surprisingly. Thespians' concert of Mr. and Mrs. Stražan and a great performance of Igor Šábek rank this stage production, which was born apart from the script editors schedule, among the best and most successful hits in the repertoire of the Jonáš Záborský Theatre in Prešov.


translation: Zora Jesenská
directed by lvan Holub
sceipt editing: Alžbeta Verešpejová
stage set and costumes: Vladimír Čáp
music: Daniel Haninčík
assistant director: Ľuboš Košický
cast: Jozef Stražan, Kveta Stražanová, Igor Šabek