The Opera of the National Theatre, Prague – The New Stage, Czech Republic, 2019
author: Ivan Archer
directed by Michal Dočekal

Tired Heraclitus

The National Theatre, Brno, Czech Republic, 1993
Author: Vladimír Morávek
Director: Vladimír Morávek

Stars in the Willow

HaDivadlo, Brno, Czech Republic, 1993
Author: Karel David
Director: Karel David and company

Carmen Crazy

The Nuts – A Bunch of Cranky Mimes, Prague, Czech Republic, 1993
Author: Míla Horáček, Antonín Klepáč, Pavel Polák
Director: Pavel Blažek


Non-Children’s Studio of the Theatre Goose on the String, Brno, Czech Republic, 1992
Author: Vladimír Morávek
Directed by Vladimír Morávek