Alice in Wonderland and behind the Mirror

Theatre Goose on the String, Brno, Czech Republic, 1992
Author: Lewis Carroll, Eva Tálská
Directed by Eva Tálská

about the production

The theatre group Goose on the String has been from the very beginning of its existence in 1961 characterized by the search for a new theatre language, but it does not do it without the consciousness of a cultural continuity. On the contrary, it is the consciously linked interwar avant-garde in all its scale of thinking that is the greatest inspiration far the theatre.

In the laboratory character of artistic work everything is created by irregular processes. According to poetry, prose, the literature of facts and its own vision of reality, the theatre creates screenplays which are performed in non-theatrical spaces, always in a specific arrangement of the audience and the stage. There is no distance between actors and audiences, more stress is put on the authenticity of actors' expressions.

In 1989 a certain phase in the development of the theatre came to an end and new methods and trends came into existence. Director Vladimír Morávek and Oslzlý deepen international projects and Eva Tálská has founded The Studio House where with amateurs she introduces her long-accumulated images.

Alice in Mirrorland is a renewed premiére of an older – very successful performance from this lady director. lt is drawn from Carroll´s second book Alice through the Looking-glass



directed by Eva Tálská
set designer and costumes: Jana Zbořilová, Boris Mysliveček
music: Miloš Štedroň
cast: Stanislava Havelková / Pavla Havlíková (Alenka), Ivana Hloušková, Václav Svoboda, Vladimír Hauser, Karel Hefman, Dita Kaplanová, Petr Hadam, Vladimír Javorský (Pavel Zatloukal), Jiří Pecha, Bolek Studzinski, Irena Žáčková, Eduard Uličný, Eva Vidlařová, Jan Luprich, Pavel Sýkora