Andrišku, Andrišku,… (Geese, Geese, Where Are You Flying to?)

The Jonáš Záborský Theatre, Prešov, 1992
Author: Mikuláš Kočan
Directed by Jozef Prážmári

about the production

The exceptionality of this play consists in the tact that the author has made the simple life of a simple man special by the dramatic personification of the life of a flock of geese. The peak performances by Jozef Stražan and Gabriela Dolná (although they are not based on equal texts as the woman´s part is shorter) are made to be identical with the destiny of human couples. The perfect ability to show the characters´ most intimate situations in close contact with the spectator can be connected to the reliable authenticity of their “working clothes”. I appreciate their unbreakable, although maybe drastic optimism. And for this reason considers the play to be a representative performance of contemporary Slovak professional theatre.

Emil Lehuta


choreography and directed by Jozef Prážmári
set designer and costumes: Štefan Bunta
cast: Jozef Stražan, Gabriela Dolná, Ľudmila Dutková, Stanislav Pitoňák, Ivan Mozoláni, Peter Lejko, Jozef Fila, Mária Ficeriová, Anna Kúkoľová, Zuzana Kúšiková, Jana Pilzová, Jana Vanická, Gejza Tóth, Štefan Capko, Igor Šabek