Arena Theatre, (before Arena), Bratislava, 1992
Author: Milan Sládek
Directed by Eduard Žlábek

about the production

In pantomime, as well as in clown performances and the grotesque, the humour and the tragic feelings of life and humour are understood as the Siamese twins. We can see this in Bolek Polívka's performances, such as in The Shipwrecked, The Clown and The Oueen, as we could watch in the past in Marcel Marceau's studies, Ctibor Turba in Harakiri or Turba tacet and particularly Milan Sládek's performances.

Milan Sládek began in the theatre company Horizont in the 1960s. Then he joined the Theatre of Pantomime in Malá Scéna of the SNT, where he created a strange world in the mime Kefka, a boy far everything, a man with his head full of dreams and yearnings, a philosopher and poet, whose life teaches us humility and laughter. Kefka a purifier, a challenge to our conscience, a cathartic element and author's personification.

Today, after many performances and many years abroad where he kneaded humour, poetry, philosophy and the grotesque with the cement of authentic emotion, he offers us his solo pantomimes as the essence of himself.

Zuzana Bakošová - Hlavenková


directed by Eduard Žlábek
music: STUDI0 '68 Köln, Svetozár Stračina
technical direction: Ing. Peter Lederer
cast: Milan Sládek, lsidoro Fernandez