Black Hair (Who Needs You)

The Jonáš Záborský Theatre, Prešov, 1992
Author: Peter Scherhaufer
Directed by Peter Scherhaufer

about the production

lt was really a happy idea to invite Peter Scherhaufer (1942) for a long period of co­ operation. He is an artistic director from the Brno theatre group Husa na provázku (A goose on a string) and he knows about non-traditional theatre more than many others. Scherhaufer prepared a series Kemu ce treba (Who needs you) for the new theatre. It is a series of free stagings of various texts, the purpose of which was to become familiar, from the actor viewpoint, with the milieu of the JZT – and not only in the experimental and the great hall, the Studio, etc.

The individual stagings of the series were also played in the rehearsal room or outside the theatre, on the square belonging to the theatre. Which is also the case of the project Black Hair.

The stagings were based on a broad spectrum of material: from poems and prosaic works of authors from Eastern Slovakia, through historical, journalistic and memoir treasures, up to folklore (e.g. Gipsy folklore in Black Hair). This fact can tell us a lot about Scherhaufer's effort to find new sources for staging authentic material. It says a lot about the director's conviction that theatrical realism in all its modifications is an aesthetic past and if the theatre wants to avoid its destruction, it should find new sources tor productions and new vigour.

Andrej Maťašík


scriptwriter and directed by Peter Scherhaufer
set designer and costumes: Miroslav Matejka
translation: Daniela Hivešová-Šilanová
choregraphy: Stanislava Selčanová
cast: Jozef Stražan, Igor Šabek, Milan Antol, Jozef Fila, Stanislav Pitoňák, Pavol Hudák, Monika Neksová, Ľudmila Dutková, Ivan Krúpa, Jana Vanická, Peter Lejko, Martina Znancová, Mária Ficeriová, Gejza Tóth