Fondling – Not Love

The Radošina Naive Theatre, Bratislava, 1992
Author: Stanislav Štepka
Directed by: Juraj Nvota

about the production

This realistic original theatre company realizes its views, individuality and individual creative process in Stanislav Štepka's plays.

The naivity which is characteristic of the theatre company has gone through a rapid development during its 30-year history. From the naivity of an oversimplified view of the world to the naivity of a new quality involving thought, feelings and also sadness and compassion, Štepka's characters are naive when they encounter intrigues and infamy. lt deprives them of their strength but their belief in good and humanity remain and that is valuable not only far drama but also for life in general.

The group RNT prepared Fondling – Not Love under the leaders hip of the director Juraj Nvota (1954) who has produced many plays for the theatre. He has shown his ability to join not only Štepka's poetic company, but also the professionalism of the group.

Božena Čahojová


directed by Juraj Nvota
set designer and costumes: Mona Hafsahl
music: Ján Melkovič
song texts: Stanislav Štepka
cast: Stanislav Štepka, Anna Warchalová, Monika Hilmerová, Zuzana Mauréry, Katarína Kolníková, Dušan Cinkota, Richard Felix, Pavel Schwarz, Mojmír Caban, Zuzana Stoličná, Elena Zemanová, Vladimír Svítek, Milan Šago