Waiting for Bohoš

The Slovak Chamber Theatre (before National Uprising Theatre), Martin, 1992
Author: Štefan Korenči, Róbert Mankovecký
Directed by Štefan Korenči

about the production

The name of Martin Theatre is connected with the names of outstanding actors and many directors who shaped and still shape the Slovak theatre. Many of them have left the theatre and have been replaced by “the young” who continue the long tradition of this theatre full of good artistic works. The word “experiment” is the best term for this project Waiting for Bohoš. lt is based on the famous play by S. Beckett Waiting for Godot. The authors Š. Korenči (1963) and R. Mankovecký (1965) put the themes of love, marriage, illusions and death into the original play through the emotion of sexual-relation. In this way a peculiar text was formed which interprets existentialist philosophical themes in the form of a light comedic exaggeration.

Roman Hertus


directed by Štefan Korenči
dramaturgy and music: Róbert Mankovecký
set designer and costumes: Jaroslav Valek
cast: Martin Horňák, Ľuba Krkošková, Jindro Obšil, Eva Gašparová, Gita Mazalová, Róbert Mankovecký