Our Friend Rene

Studio L+S (before Studio S), Bratislava, 1992
Author: Milan Lasica, Július Satinský
Directed by Jaroslav Filip

about the production

They began in 1959. Their golden era was in 1960s and included Not Waiting far Godot (1961), Soirée (1968) and Joyful News (1969). After this they had to stop their television programmes, such as There Is Somebody Knocking at the Door and others, they replaced them with the programme There 's nobody Knocking at the Door since 1982 from Studio S...

But their real return to original theatre was marked by The Joyful News (1986). When after seventeen years they presented themselves as the authors and actors of a big composition in which all the secrets, mysteries and labyrinths of their imagination and playfulness came to life again.

Most recently came with the animated novel Our Friend René. The play, according to Bajza´s novel René, A Young Man's Adventures and Experiences, was produced back in 1980, not a very propitious time for humour. Lasica and Satinský brought real life to all the characters for the first time in 1991. The Joyful News heralds the rebirth of their original theatre.

Zuzana Bakošová-Hlavenková


music and directed by: Jaroslav Filip
set designer and costumes: Mona Hafsahl
cast: Milan Lasica, Július Satinský