The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Bratislava, 1992
Author: Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Jaroslav Vostrý
Directed by Anton Šulík

about the production

The staging of Clavijo originated as the semestral work of the third and second year undergraduates of Dramatic Arts – Academy of Music and Arts – of direction, production and stage designing. This project designed within the framework of a new concept of the teaching process at the Music and Drama Academy was intended to bring closer together the undergraduates of the various departments and school grades. A logical question mark hangs over the above staging. As the title had been proposed in advance by the teachers, the question is: “To what extent did the classical play prove interesting and kindred to such a young creative team and to the producer himself?” lt might be fit to remark here that the producer Anton Šulík during his long activity in the amateur theatre and at the Academy, focused his attention primarily on the form of the script far author theatre.

Another question refers to the possibility of a deflection and an original interpretation of Goethe's text. By what angIe has the nature of Goethe's bequest altered during the 20 years since the first staging of Clavijo by Vladimír Strnisko (in 1976). lt may be of interest to note that in staging this play, Anton Šulík himself prepared the dramaturgical concept.

Veronika Gabčíková


adaptation and directed by Anton Šulík
set designer and costumes: Ivan Hudák
cast: Marek Majeský, Jozef Pročko, Dagmar Krajčíková, Sidi Tobias, Attila Mokos, Boris Zachar, Emanuel Hason, Gejza Benko