Rap Tap on the Head

The Lighthouse Theatre, Žilina, 1992
Author: Jiří Břenek
Directed by Jiří Břenek

about the production

Maják (Lighthouse), a theatre group for children and young people, was set up in January of 1980.

After the first successful stagings of the play Devilish Tricks by Táňa Lucká, the theatre prepared 17 productions for their small audiences and they performed them in many places across Czechoslovakia since this is primarily a touring theatre company. They have also visited the neighbouring countries: Poland, Germany, Hungary.

Maják became a professional theatre group in January of this year but they already had their own building for ten years. Tomáš Rosický is the head of the company. The group has also worked under the direction of other guest directors, such as Honza Marek and Jiří Břenek (1957).

Veronika Gabčíková


scriptwriter, music and directed by: Jiří Břenek
stage, costumes, puppets designer: Jakub Krejčí
cast: Elena Dikošová, Hanka Hulmanová, Pavol Klimašovský, Pavol Marušiak, Boris Rizman, Jaroslav Vitos