Faust a Margaret

Slovak National Theatre – Opera, Bratislava, 1992
Author: Charles Gounod
Directed by Jozef Bednárik

about the production

Jozef Bednárik (1947) a director from the dramatic theatre in Nitra is not a musician but he is musical. He graduated from two art schools, a visual one and a musical one. He perceives the world in its artistic totality. He was both an actor and director. His stagings are a synthesis of music and theatre. He begins from a visual inspiration and moves towards an expressive visuality. He does not refuse the expressional elements of circus, cabaret, revue, clown performances or street and fair-ground attractions.

Bednárik plays the part of Faust as a theatrical-dramatic-musical-show-philosophical­ dance-fairy-tale picture of the cruel world. A mirror-image of the spoilt world full of beautiful, poetic things, but also the cruel world full of individual and collective tragedies. Faust appears here as a circus clown and his tragedy connected with his desire far eternal youth takes place in a circus. This kind of view of the theme of Faust has been understood not only by home audiences, but also by those in Austria, Germany, Israel and mainly at the Edinburgh festival. Everywhere, the performance was accepted as an attempt to stage an opera.

Ladislav Čavojský


directed by Jozef Bednárik
set designer: Ladislav Vychodil
costumes: Ľudmila Várossová
choreography: Libor Vaculík
cast: Igor Jan, Peter Mikuláš, Ján Ďurčo, Martin Malachovský, Ľudmila Hudecová, Denisa Šlepkovská, Marta Nitrová and others