The Biggest Lie

Bratislava Puppet Theatre (The State Puppet Theatre), Bratislava, 1992
Author: Ondrej Spišák
Directed by Ondrej Spišák

about the production

Thanks to some notable successes in recent seasons the State Puppet Theatre is one of the most outstanding of its type in Slovakia. No small credit for this position is due to such directors as Jozef Bednárik who in recent years has come here regularly for successful stays and Ondrej Spišák, an internal director until the end of last year´s season.

Ondrej Spišák put up several interesting stagings in the SPT, e.g. The Evil Spirit Lumpacivagabundus by J. Nestroy, rewritten by A. Ferko, The Diviľs Bridge by M. Marková, Christopher Columbus by P. Claudel, The Discovery of America (according to the actors´ own script) etc.

The latest staging in SPT directed by Spišák is The Biggest Lie. The text, the author of which is the director himself, is based on folk fairy-tales by Samo Czambel.

The visual effects are produced by Hana Cigánová, an outstanding contemporary costume and puppet stage designer. They are connected by the direction and musical conception which are based on folklore.

Ida Hledíková


scriptwriter and director by Ondrej Spišák
dramaturgy: Katarína Revallová
set designer and costumes: Hana Cigánová
music: Peter Vanouček
cast: Anton Vaculík, Martin Vanek, Róbert Laurinec, Igor Adamec, Pavol Fejér, Juraj Adamík, Margaréta Šišková, Magdaléna Herbstová, Dušan Štauder