Aria spinta

Déjà Donné Production, Czech Republic, Italy, 2000
Authors: Lenka Flory, Simone Sandroni
Directed by Lenka Flory, Simone Sandroni

about the production

The production is a remarkable performance, non-conventional in terms of communication, with top dance performance. A kind of new age dance cabaret without pomp and circumstance, built on the principle of circus or variety musical clown acts. A light-footed, leisurely, airy and 'crazy' performance. A simple story re-created anew in front of the eyes of the viewers is brimful of funny 'mishaps', technical misunderstanding and seeming imperfection. However, in the final impression the state of embarrassment changes into lightness, spontaneity and balanced rhythm of the whole. Mutual relationships funny in a complicated way, in an original dance form, enriched by an appropriate dose of humour, overview and self-irony. The form of the performance – composition – al freedom and direct communication with the audience in a mixture of European languages – creates the best conditions for a truly poly-genre and multinational piece.

Artists from six European countries participate in the production. The project was presented at a number of international shows and festivals in France, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, ltaly, the USA, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, Croatia, Romania, the UK and also Brazil.


choreographer and director: Lenka Flory (CZ), Simone Sandroni (IT)
musical dramaturgy and sound: Gaetan van den Berg (BE)
music: Bruno De Franceschi (IT)
lighting design: Vincent Longuemare (FR)
costume design: Lenka FIO Y. Michaela Šiškinová (CZ)
technical director: Jan Beneš (CZ)
dancers: Ivana Jozic (HR) Ivana Petitu (IT), Teodora Popova (BG), Simone Sandroni (IT), Ondrej Vajsar (CZ)
co-production: La Filature Mulhouse, De Singel Antwerp, Hebbel-Theater Berlin, lnternationales Sommertheater Festival Hamburg



Lenka Flory (1966)  & Simone Sandroni (1967) (Déjà Donné Production)

The contemporary dance group is based on co-operation of two choreographers: Lenka Flory (1966) from The Czech Republic and Simone Sandroni (1967) from ltaly. They met in the world-famous Belgian group Ultima Vez of Wim Vandekeybus and they have been working independently as choreographers in their own dance groups since as early as 1993. Both are important representatives of the young generation of choreographers on the European dance stage.