The Seagull

Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra, Slovakia 2000
Author: Anton Pavlovič Chekhov
Directed by Svetozár Sprušanský

about the production

The plot of Chekhov's play has been fully transposed to the world of theatre. Not only Dom is an 'actor' instead of a doctor, all the characters are linked with theatre. They are either actors (Trigorin, Masha, Sarin, Dom, Polina Andreyevna) or technical staff (the administrator of the farm Shamrayev becomes the theatre driver who has an argument with Arkadina about the company car rather than about horses), Medvedenko is a director. And since the rural mansion has quite naturally been transformed into a focal theatre, the creators of the Nitra production have been provided with an opportunity to play 'ourselves' not only in the general philosophical sense, but in a very specific sense – about own feelings and experience from working in a regional theatre.

The production by Sprušanský makes visible some conflictual or otherwise problematic relationships among the characters which in Chekhov's text only exist as a mild allusion or in the form of unfulfilled possibilities. The circumstances and environment of the story thus become rougher, and the edges sharper. "To live! To act!" sounds like a chorus at various points of the Nitra production and this desire agitates not only Nina, but a/so the whole lost theatre community.


director, translation and adaptation: Svetozár Sprušanský
musical dramaturgy: Peter Zagar
music: Marek Brezovský
production by Oskar Rózsa
stage and costume design: Alexandra Grusková

Irina Arkadina: Eva Večerová, Konstantin Treplev: Mrtin Kaprálik or Erik Peťovský, Peter Sarin: Dušan Lenci, Nina Zarechna: Miloslava Zelmanová, Ilya Shaairayev:  Ján Greššo, Polina: Adela Gáborová, Masha: Lenka Barilíková, Boris Trigorin: Marek Majeský or Igor Šebesta, Yevgeniy  Dom: Ján Kováčik, Semion  Medvedenko: Martin Kaprálik or Erik Peťovský, Antosha: Miloš  Kusenda


Svetozár Sprušanský (1971) 

He graduated from Cultural Studies at the Comenius University´s Faculty of Arts and also from Theatre Studies at the Academy of Music and Drama Theatre Faculty in Bratislava. In 1994 – 5 he worked as radio drama dramaturgist in the Slovak Radio Bratislava, he focused above all on producing texts by contemporary Slovak playwrights.

Since 1995 he has been the internal dramaturgist, later, since 1998 art manager of Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra. As a dramaturgist he participated for example in the most successful Slovak theatre production of the 1998/99 season: Shakespeare´s Macbeth directed by the guest Czech director Vladimír Morávek in the production of the musical Fiddler on the Roof he co-operated with Jozef Bednárik, an internationally renowned Slovak director. In 1998 he founded ZDVIH Theatre Co-operative, attached to the Andrej Bagar Theatre, where he has directed one-act plays by Chekhov: Proposal and The Bear (1998, participation in the RIBA Festival in Lithuanian Klaipeda), the play Terezka (1999) by contemporary female Czech author Lenda Lagronová and Fire Face (2000) by Marius von Mayenburg.

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